Mission Statement


Mission Statement

To provide Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees with a voice in the Service and to promote the inclusion of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and their cultural and linguistic principles in the workforce.

Toward this end, the IRS/DEAF will work as a resource within the Service to:

  • increase workforce development and training;

  • promote awareness and application of Deaf and Hard of Hearing values and principles;

  • encourage mentoring and networking;

  • provide a full spectrum of qualified leadership skills;

  • disseminate seamless business solutions in order to solve business challenges;

  • foster competent, long-term, high-impact methods of empowerment to exceed performance expectations;

  • develop resources to promote organizational effectiveness for Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees,

  • cultivate communication access to achieve a fully integrated workforce; and

  • conduct research and development on key Deaf and Hard of Hearing issues of interest to the membership and supporting constituents.